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Re: Why choose Debian on server

On 2019-01-06, deloptes <deloptes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Curt wrote:
>> I have no different opinion (I don't think). I know nothing about
>> stackexchange. I am indifferent to stackexchange. However, if you want
>> to print that full thread on stackexchange, like *Gene wanted to print
>> that full thread*, and your horse is so high you won't open Chromium to
>> do it and insist on using FF, well, then, you are out of luck, son.
> Honestly I never thought of this :) As I said I never use it

I confirmed here (before growing snarky and rude, veuillez m'excuser),
after Gene lamented only being able to print the first page of a
stackexchange thread he desired saving for ulterior, offline
consultation, that he'd stumbled upon a long-standing FF printing bug
that didn't affect Chromium (I ultimately emailed him a pdf of the
thread I printed to file with that open-source browser).

Gene responded with, at the very least, an undemonstrated (and probably
undemonstrable) conspiracy theory about stackexchange, viz. that the
site owners may be triggering the bug intentionally in order to induce
people to sign up, which I found to be an unexpected hard right turn
down what I quite innocently believed was a perfectly straight and
uncluttered road. 

Then you, if I'm remembering correctly, joined in to profess your own
distrust or dislike of stackexchange and your refusal to use Chromium to
obviate a very long-standing FF bug that you appear to claim or strongly
suggest only impacts the stackexchange web site. 


Try that on for size. But maybe Reddit is part of the conspiracy.* 

Anyway, I was wrong to be rude, and also wrong to say you were out of
luck hitting the bug if you refused using another browser, as we've
discovered together in the spirit of fraternity other ways to skin that

*Perhaps a more rational explanation (or at least one to which
 Popper's Principle of Falsifiability might be applied):

 There are some combinations of style rules that Firefox handles
 perfectly fine when it doesn't need to break pages, but which do not
 break correctly at print time. I wish I could give you a list, but that
 would require hours of research.

 The ones that leap to mind:

 display: flex
 display: inline-block on tall elements
 display: table on elements that are not a table
 display: table-cell on elements that are not a td
 overflow/overflow-y rules
 Also, Firefox cannot paginate the fieldset tag.