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Re: kernel regression from stable to testing (acpi lid / EEEpc 1215p)

Il 04/01/19 20:11, Andrea Borgia ha scritto:

What's the best way to handle this? IMHO it's quite likely a kernel issue, most likely upstream. Should I file a bug on linux-image-amd64 or directly on bugzilla.kernel.org?

No comments?

Meanwhile, I've been testing the kernels archived on snapshot.debian.org:
4.9.0-7: OK (last known working, see previous msg)
4.10.0-trunk: fails
4.11.0-2: fails
4.14.0-1: fails
4.19.0-1: fails (first failure detected, see previous msg)
(those versions which are failing all have the "SW_LID" warning)

In Documentation/acpi/acpi-lid.txt, I saw the newer kernels have added a button.lid_init_state and I have tried the possible values on 4.19.0-1:
method: fails
open: fails
ignore: fails

To recap, so far the last known working kernel for the lid switch was the one currently in "stable", that is 4.9.0-7, and I'm out of ideas :/