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Re: Why choose Debian on server

Curt wrote:

> I suppose you could argue that the percentage of Firefox users too lazy
> or bewildered to try another browser is good enough for stackexchange,
> because, goddammit, you take what you can get.

Please be nice - I am not lazy - I have Chromium, but I do not want to use
it. I like FF more and I can not accept the argument regarding 1 page
printing in FF, because other sites do not have the problem, hence it is
doable to overcome the issue from within the site (perhaps css
definitions - I do not know what exactly the issue is and I do not care).
If site developers may embed 100s of lines of code to check browser and
version and can adapt their sites to IE,FF and Chromium the least, they
could also take care of this "feature", so lazy is not me, but the one that
does not care, test or provide proper support for printing from within FF.
This is my opinion only, you may accept or not... and I agree with Gene -
stackexchange is phony in their philosophy, but it is their right to be so
and my right to qualify it as such. OF course you have the right to have a
different opinion and I respect this.