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Re: Multitasking, through Multiple Text Windows

Kenneth Parker (12019-01-05):
>					   I LOVE Classical Music
>			   (mp3 file) 

I see a contradiction.

> The reason I am bringing this up now, is that I tried this on Stretch, with
> no Graphical Environment, only to have the Music (playing, through the play
> command /dev/tty3)  *STOP*  *COLD*  when I used alt-F4 to switch
> perspective (say, to /dev/tty4!)

I do not observe the behaviour you describe on a Buster system. I do not
have a Stretch with physical access to test.

> Looks like SystemD may  *NOT*   be spawning the 6 Text Login Screens, like
> the SysV Init Package did?

Your deduction is wrong: if systemd did not spawn the login screens, you
would not have been able to start the music in the first place.

I will wait until somebody confirms the behaviour you observe before
speculating about its cause.


  Nicolas George

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