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Re: Multitasking, through Multiple Text Windows

On Saturday 05 January 2019 09:33:27 Kenneth Parker wrote:

> Hello,
> I first need to Date Myself, by saying that my first Linux
> Distribution was Yggdrasil Plug and Play Linux, purchased as a CD in
> December, 1992.
> My first impression of Linux, was as a Multi-User Operating System,
> with different User Names.  So I organized my Working Environment that
> way, even after getting Graphical Environments to work.  And I made
> Usernames, based on Function such as, for example, devel (for Kernel
> Development) and hercules (for IBM Mainframe Emulation, such as MVS
> 3.8J.  Google "Plug and Play MVS" for more information).
> What made Linux special, in my opinion, was this Built-In Multi-User
> Multitasking Functionality.
> And it worked fine, all the way from the beginning, by having the
> original Init Process Spawning 6 Login Processes (using /bin/login),
> that "listen" on /dev/tty1 through /dev/tty7.  (And, if a Graphical
> Environment is running, it appears to be on /dev/tty7).
> If I was, simply operating in Text Mode, I would switch Virtual
> Terminals with Alt-F1 through Alt-F6.  If I start something on one of
> these Virtual Terminals (i.e.  Compiling the Linux Kernel), I would
> trust that it would continue to run, while I do something else on
> another Virtual Terminal (i.e. using emacs or nano to edit a text
> file).
> One "Special Function", which pointed out the "Fly in the Ointment" to
> my above description, is Background Music.  I LOVE Classical Music, so
> I would have a Symphony Movement (mp3 file) playing in the Background,
> through the play command (sox package) on one of these Virtual Text
> Terminals.
> The reason I am bringing this up now, is that I tried this on Stretch,
> with no Graphical Environment, only to have the Music (playing,
> through the play command /dev/tty3)  *STOP*  *COLD*  when I used
> alt-F4 to switch perspective (say, to /dev/tty4!)
> Looks like SystemD may  *NOT*   be spawning the 6 Text Login Screens,
> like the SysV Init Package did?
> What gives?
> Thank you and best regards,
> Kenneth Parker

Thats unforgivable. And needs fixed asap.

But I don't switch to a text screen for such work, I just open a terminal 
emulator running on x for such as building a program from a tarball.  So 
within the limits of a slower original phenom, my music keeps on playing 
when I switch x workspaces.

Cheers, Gene Heskett