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Re: How to ensure that old kernel does not get removed

On 05/01/2019 14.45, songbird wrote:
> hdv@gmail wrote:
> ...
>> So how do I make sure that 4.18.0-2 does not get removed from the boot menu
>> after the next kernel upgrade? I'd like to keep it until I have verified that an
>> upgrade does work. However, as far as I can tell only the last 3 kernels are
>> kept. Thus now I run the risk of having the only working version removed before
>> I am sure that a new version will work.
>   another way to do it for all kernels is to add the
> options to apt itself (in /etc/apt/apt.conf or ...)
>   i set options to make sure apt doesn't get rid of
> my saved cache files without me explicitly requesting
> it and there is another option for setting which files
> are never marked for autoremoval.
> APT::Clean-Installed "false";
> APT::NeverAutoRemove  { "linux-image.*";  };  // packages that should never
>                                             // considered for autoRemove
>   i no longer see grub menus very often (using
> uefi boot menu and refind).

Thanks for this information! Very useful. I will add it to the list of things I
have to (re)educate myself in.

Grx HdV