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Re: How to ensure that old kernel does not get removed

hdv@gmail wrote:
> So how do I make sure that 4.18.0-2 does not get removed from the boot menu
> after the next kernel upgrade? I'd like to keep it until I have verified that an
> upgrade does work. However, as far as I can tell only the last 3 kernels are
> kept. Thus now I run the risk of having the only working version removed before
> I am sure that a new version will work.

  another way to do it for all kernels is to add the
options to apt itself (in /etc/apt/apt.conf or ...)

  i set options to make sure apt doesn't get rid of
my saved cache files without me explicitly requesting
it and there is another option for setting which files
are never marked for autoremoval.

APT::Clean-Installed "false";
APT::NeverAutoRemove  { "linux-image.*";  };  // packages that should never
                                            // considered for autoRemove

  i no longer see grub menus very often (using
uefi boot menu and refind).