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Re: why can't i boot into jessie and wheezy?

Thanks, it's hp, but i think it has nothing to with hardware

i can see login prompt, but it immediately shutdown
this is true for both wheezy and jessie, IMO cause is same

you can reproduce my problem, i install deian 8 for i386 using network install, i select no additional software

it has two disks, stretch is installed on one disk and is ok, jessie is installed on the other, i can use stretch to check files in jessie, but i'm unsure which file can provide clue

On Saturday, January 5, 2019 6:14 PM, "err404@xxxxxxx" <err404@xxxxxxx> wrote:

On 1/5/19 5:46 AM, Long Wind wrote:

> i've just installed jessie via network
> ...
> i'll provide more details upon your request
> Thanks!

Yes ! please provide more détails
wich is your computer's model.

and especialy if it's a lenovo:
there is driver/hardware bug on family lenovo computers: black screen after boot on debian testing.
but I recently updated fews days ago and bug is fixed now (this problem was present for about one month)