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Re: Upgrade Problem

On 05/01/2019 01:15, Felix Miata wrote:
> David Wright composed on 2019-01-04 19:21 (UTC-0600):
>> Ignoring /home as it dwarfs / in size, it would be very easy to make a
>> mistake if you take an existing installation and hive off the /tmp and
>> /var into separate partitions. The problem boils down to leaving the
>> existing /var contents (in the root filesystem) in place when you
>> mount the new var partition onto /var, thereby making those files
>> inaccessible.
> +1
> So, boot rescue media, mount sda1, and check the contents of <mntdir>/var/. Its apt cache might be
> loaded, thus you might not any more have reason to reinstall - just delete everything in it and
> reboot. If something goes wrong, you planned on reinstalling anyway. :-)

No need for a live CD: you can use bind mounts to access the original
contents of dirs that serve as mount points for other filesystems:

(Unless mount fails because of no free space...)