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Re: Upgrade Problem

David Wright composed on 2019-01-04 19:21 (UTC-0600):

> On Fri 04 Jan 2019 at 14:02:27 (-0500), Stephen P. Molnar wrote:

>> Felix Miata wrote:

>>> Stephen P. Molnar composed on 2019-01-04 12:57 (UTC-0500):

>>>> I haven't messed around with partitioning since the early days of
>>>> Slackware, and that was with a great deal of trepidation?

>>> You just multiplied my curiosity about what exactly was responsible for your current partitioning
>>> scheme, not to mention what will be used for your planned reinstallation.

>> The installer for Debian Stretch has an new option thzt  thought I'd
>> try.:  separate /home, /var and/temp partitions.

You did that for this Jessie to Stretch upgrade? That sounds like "messing around with partitioning"
to me.

> Ignoring /home as it dwarfs / in size, it would be very easy to make a
> mistake if you take an existing installation and hive off the /tmp and
> /var into separate partitions. The problem boils down to leaving the
> existing /var contents (in the root filesystem) in place when you
> mount the new var partition onto /var, thereby making those files
> inaccessible.


So, boot rescue media, mount sda1, and check the contents of <mntdir>/var/. Its apt cache might be
loaded, thus you might not any more have reason to reinstall - just delete everything in it and
reboot. If something goes wrong, you planned on reinstalling anyway. :-)

> I would advise you to keep your separate /home partition. Except for
> dot files/directories, they're independent of the OS. It makes
> reinstallation and upgrades a lot easier.

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