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Re: Bad behaviour with encrypted partitions


On Jan/04/2019, Hans wrote:

> Normally I have to type the password for every partition, always
> beginning with /usr,. then /home, then /var. After putting in all
> passwords correct, the system is going on booting.
> But this is no more, now it is that way:
> - I have to type the password for /usr then
> - either /home or /var (this is randomly!) wants the password 
> - when typed the correct password, the third partition is not more
> asked for the password and is enrypted automatically. WTF????

Ha! I had a similar question. I spent some time looking at it and I
think that you might have the same configuration. Here is the final
email that I sent:

You should be able to verify if it's the same as me (plymouthd and
systemd were the actors of this behaviour in my case).

See other emails in that thread where I had other partial solutions for
maybe other configurations.


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