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Re: bad printing results (was: Why choose Debian on server)

deloptes composed on 2019-01-04 22:32 (UTC+0100):

> Gene Heskett wrote:

>> My copy of FF only prints 1 page, which is the top  3" of the site's
>> front page, never getting down to any of the text past the headline.

>> And it works on other sites.

> Same here

SeaMonkey and Firefox both do this on Newegg.com, first selecting invoice, then clicking printable
version, then printing. It is nothing like WYSIWYG, no way to get the bottom section(s) to show up
on paper.

I do very little printing of web pages due in large part to general incompetence of results going
back decades. Trying to get usable results probably averages >12 sheets wasted for every usable one
when the "page" is not actually a pdf.
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