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Re: Why choose Debian on server

Gene Heskett wrote:

> And becoming a bigger problem by each kernel release.  Just the bigger
> stack image a context switch involves takes the 64 bit stuff into the
> very close to unusable state. Even the hit of enabling pae on the 32 bit
> stuff is a quite noticeable hit on the rt performance. And it doesn't
> make a lot of sense, with 2 gigs of ram in one of these machines, it
> rarely gets into swap. Put another 2 gigs in it, and before you can say
> uptime, its into swap by 3-5 hundred megs. Pure nonsense to this old
> fart. Sigh, but they won't let me anywhere near the rope that sounds the
> whistle.

Why would it swap, because of the RT using memory that can not be freed up?
Don't know how much RAM cnc requires but 2GB is a lot.