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Re: Why choose Debian on server

Gene Heskett wrote:

> I've built 3 rt kernels on the pi, takes it about 4 hours. But for the
> life of me, I can't find an installer that will actually do the pi, its
> boot is a separate mess. I'm sure it can be done as I also have a pair
> of rock64's running armbian, and I have seen apt install a new kernel on
> the one I'm playing with, twice to its u-sd card. And installer that
> actually works would be nice as a make install doesn't seem to exist in
> the linux-rt kernel sources I have pulled, from the linux-rt lists
> announcements do not seem to have that recipe in the makefiles.

There is a good how to I used for setting up RPI. I copied whatever it
needed to an old SD card and configured to boot from NFS server. This made
testing much easier. If I could do it I bet you can as well 

Fore example see "The Boot" here