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Re: Why choose Debian on server

On 2019-01-04, Gene Heskett <gheskett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Dear Ivan, no one said something about systemd, because the topic was
>> discussed and closed on the list.
>> Not sure about Gene, but I use good old sysv init and for Gods sake,
>> no one thinks of running systemd on a firewall (I hope)
> Just one of the reasons I have 5 boxes here running wheezy yet, one 
> running jessie. But its an armhf, an r-pi 3b TBE, and it is also behind 
> dd-wrt.  Perhaps I should watch the dd-wrt logs to see if Ivan has come 
> calling but no one answered the doorbell?

You're running an obsolete release with no security support on five
machines to obviate the eventuality of getting cracked by the Ruskies?