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Re: [OT] scanned files are large in size

deloptes wrote:
> Siard wrote:
> > After scanning, an image almost always needs editing. Crop, rotate
> > to correct a skew horizon, remove specks, adjust light and contrast.
> Don't know about you, but I usually press the button and get the
> image. Sometimes I use PDF to scan multiple pages into one document,
> sometimes I scan in PNG or JPG and create a PDF out of them.
> As a user I do not want to spend time for correction. Put the image
> in the scanner the way you want it to be scanned, select the options
> on software side and just press a button.

Very different here. I scan from within Gimp:
File > Create > XSane > Device dialog...
Then the image scanned with XSane opens directly in Gimp.