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Re: [OT] scanned files are large in size

Siard (2019-01-03):
> After scanning, an image almost always needs editing. Crop, rotate to
> correct a skew horizon, remove specks, adjust light and contrast.

That depends on the purpose.

>		    Pdfimages can extract the image first, but its
> original format (tiff? jpg? pnm?) remains unclear then, so there is a
> conversion, again causing loss of quality (AFAIU).

You are mistaken. If the image is stored losslessly in the PDF, then
extracting it to any lossless format will not lose any quality. If the
image is stored with a lossy codec, pdfimages can be directed (RTFM) to
re-wrap the codec data in an adequate container, causing no extra loss
of quality either.


  Nicolas George

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