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Re: [OT] scanned files are large in size

David Wright wrote:
> So I can't understand your objection to wrapping a scanned image into
> a PDF container, which makes a lot of data handling a lot easier than
> would otherwise be the case.

After scanning, an image almost always needs editing. Crop, rotate to
correct a skew horizon, remove specks, adjust light and contrast.
Gimp can open a pdf, but not in its original resolution, so there is
loss of quality.  Pdfimages can extract the image first, but its
original format (tiff? jpg? pnm?) remains unclear then, so there is a
conversion, again causing loss of quality (AFAIU).

> Other examples would be postprocessing with programs like pdftk and
> pdfjam.

Those programs cannot edit images.

> An obvious example was already mentioned: put a document into the
> ADF, press the button, obtain one file containing the entire
> document. [...] Would you really send a scanned document to a
> company/institution as a multitude of image attachments instead of
> a single PDF?

That should be the final stage of the process, not the beginning!
You can use img2pdf to put the images in a pdf container, without
affecting the image quality.