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Switching from PS/2 keyboard and mouse connection to (one) USB connection?

Background: I currently have two computers connected to my keyboard, mouse, 
and display via a KVM switch -- the KVM switch uses PS/2 connections for the 
mouse and keyboard.

One of the connected computers (running Jessie) uses a PS/2 to USB cable 
adapter to a USB port to interface to the KVM switch.

The other computer (running Wheezy) uses the PS/2 cables from the KVM to 
connect to the computer.

I soon want to set up a 3rd computer to install stretch, and, eventually, take 
the Wheezy computer out of service, but, in the meantime, I want to have 3 
computers connected to my keyboard, mouse, and display and will need to buy a 
4 way KVM switch.

The less expensive KVM switches nowadays use USB connections for the mouse and 
keyboard (and then to the computers).

The Question:  Will it be straightforward to convert the Wheezy machine (which 
has USB ports) to use a USB port instead of the PS/2 ports to connect the 
mouse and keyboard (via the KVM switch) -- is it as simple as shutting the 
computer down, changing the cables, and rebooting, or is it more involved.

If it is more complicated, what would I have to do?