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Re: Why choose Debian on server

On 1/2/19 5:16 PM, deloptes wrote:

Miles Fidelman wrote:

I'm not sure how well GIMP would run on across a network, particularly
if one wants to use a pen.  It's really designed to run on a machine
with a head.
so you are saying you can not ssh -X to the server and run your gimp if that
is what you want? I bet you can and I bet you can configure the server the
way you like - it is just another PC ;-) regardless hypervisors and
underlaying stuff.

No, but:

X11 is one of those things that one doesn't always install on servers.

If one wants GPU acceleration, one commonly does not install GPUs on servers.

Behavior over a network might be a bit problematic.  I expect network jitter might interfere with things like fine drawing with a wacom tablet.

Now, if one works in a graphics shop, with a serious rendering cluster in the same room – then maybe running GIMP on the server might make some sense.

Miles Fidelman

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