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Re: Why choose Debian on server

Joe wrote:

> Indeed. I'm currently working on getting Debian onto a small Acer
> laptop, which is not trivial. I've run it on a netbook for several
> years. But laptops and servers are solutions to different problems, and
> don't generally need the same hardware and software. I wouldn't run
> Gimp on a server, nor a RADIUS server on a laptop.

before start using the Fujitsu PC I used the same on a Dell E5440, I just
took the hard drive and put it into the Fujitsu PC. It started without a

The server is just a more powerful PC and the PC from today is the server
from 10y ago.

I don't see a problem running Gimp on a server or RADIUS on a laptop ...
well, depends on the laptop and radius configuration.