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Re: [OT] scanned files are large in size

tomas@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I used to believe that, too. But nowadays I think users can be (and get!)
> nudged into asking for whatever vendors want them to want.

Lets not talk about the users, because what I am seeing in the minds of the
millenia is fearing. So I do not expect it to get better (unfortunately).

> It's like smoking: the ideal thing to sell, because people aren't getting
> what they look for (freedom, adventure) but just a stick which quickly
> burns away. They *have* to return for more -- the ideal merchandise, if
> you ask me. Then, it reportedly damages the user's health. Yet vendors
> have always managed to convince their users to buy and smoke that stuff.

The addiction to nicotine is something I miss in regards to scanners and

> Why shouldn't that work with scanners, or software, or security
> "products", or DRM schemes?

I think companies are triggering the features as companies pay for support
and IMO through support most money is made. But the schemes are also there
for the users. Why would you have a business product line and a personal
one. The personal is usually less expensive and if you are not a company
you may not purchase business product?