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Re: Gparted error report

On 01/01/2019 04:07 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
I am trying to modify the partitioning of a 240GB USB connected SSD.
It was originally created on a laptop running Debian 9.1 which is in the shop for cooling problems.

I attempted to repartition it on a laptop running Debian 8.6 and received an error message that the installed revision of e2fsck could not analyze the first partition.

I then tried to perform the repartitioning on a machine I believe to be running Debian 9.1.

I think the version in Jessie is doing check sums and the version in Stretch is not. If you are going to re-partition, then first delete your current partition. If that is not what you want to do, then disable checksums and reformat. To disable checksums on an existing filesystem, ensure that the filesystem will pass fsck. Then turn off metadata_csum via #tune2fs, e.g. tune2fs -O ^metadata_csum /dev/path/to/disk. One other thing is you will need to reformat the partition, but you still may have a problem, the partition maybe one byte off and will not boot your system, so while using gparted add or remove one byte to the partition and then format. You didn't say, but you can check and repair ext4 with #fsck.ext4 -pvcf /dev/sdXX but as above you need to first disable checksum.
Jimmy Johnson

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