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Re: Why choose Debian on server

Joe wrote:

> Poor support for new hardware is a general problem for Linux, as
> hardware is always designed for Windows, and drivers often have to be
> reverse engineered for Linux. Red Hat is in a somewhat better position
> than Debian, but no manufacturer is going to optimise their hardware
> for RH, either. Less of a problem with servers, where the hardware is
> likely to be robust and old-fashioned. Who needs the latest version of
> Bluetooth or wi-fi on a server?

some of us do not use linux only on the "server". The advantage is that you
can run a good linux on a older desktop and get most of the hardware. I.e.
I bought a Fujitsu ESPRIMO C700 for 180,- added some RAM for another 60,-
to have 8GB and it is soooo good.