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Re: [OT] scanned files are large in size

On Tue, Jan 1, 2019 at 3:04 PM Brian <ad44@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Tue 01 Jan 2019 at 12:34:38 -0500, kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:
> > A scanned document from Canon pixma mx870 printer is significantly
> > larger compared to the same document scanned on a different scanner.
> Which is...?

Do not have this information at the moment. Will provide it tomorrow.

> > When I look at both the images side by side on a PC, there is no
> > visual difference between the two. I am trying to understand the
> > underlying cause and fix it if possible.
> You could mention which scanning software you used and what the
> setting for the output file format was.

Both images are obtained from the scanners directly. I did not use any
specific software per se. The only setting I had to choose was the dpi
- which in both cases is set to 600.

> > Questions:
> > 1) Does the large file size have anything to do with the printer
> > itself? Is there anything I can do (ex:- update the driver/firmware or
> > something)?
> Not at all; the printer has nothing to do with it. Printing is printing.
> Scanning is scanning.

Understood. This is an 'all in one' printer which has both printing
and scanning capabilities.

> > 2) Is the difference in image sizes due to the bpc (1 vs. 8) or
> > encoding (ccitt vs jped) fields?
> Could be.
> > 3) If yes, how to change them?
> One file is in (I think) tiff format. The other isn't. You didn't scan
> like and like from both devices.

There are not that many options to choose from the scan settings. You
just choose the dpi and that is about it.

I understand that we can't change much on what the scanner produces.
But there should be some software to further change the scanner's
output files?

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