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Security Updates

Good day. Please help. I have the Debian9.6 operating system installed from Cinnamon. Can I help you find and install security updates on my system? I looked at the Synaptic package manager, the apt package is installed there. I also tried the command via the apt-get update terminal, telling me that the operation is declined. Interestingly, when I installed the KDE environment, the updates were immediately displayed and I was able to install them. I used Linux Mint 18.3 from Cinnamon this month, but the reason I went through Debian is the fact that Mint has ever blamed me. When I got a new 19.1 Tessa, it froze me in the live DVD, and after installing 3 times I froze in a short time, so I was looking for another Linux distribution. I have the Bail Trail Intel Celeron J1900 processor 1.99 Ghz x 4. I can tell you very much that Debian has not frozen me for the first time. That's why I would like to remain faithful to Debian, even though I loved Linux Mint, but I froze, so I dropped it. First of all, can my Bail Trail processor?
I do not know English well, but I hope that the translation through Google will be enough to lead me to write a procedure how to install security updates, and please explain why your Debian freezes despite Linux Mintu? I think Debian is higher than Linux Mint. Thank you for your reply :)