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Re: strangest things after upgrade from 8 to 9

On 12/29/18 6:36 AM, mikesa@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I couple of days ago I've upgraded from 8 (jessie) to 9 (stretch) ...

In years past, I tried doing major version upgrades in-place. It seemed like no matter how many issues I tracked down and fixed, another would emerge. I had no confidence in the result.

So, now I back up/ archive system configuration files and user data, pull the system drive, install a wiped system drive, do a fresh install, and reconfigure/ restore. I use this process both for major version upgrades and also for re-installs when the system has become crufty or doesn't feel right. This process is expedited by using small, dedicated system drives (16 GB), keeping my system configuration files in a version control system (CVS), and keeping my user data in CVS or on a file server. User e-mail folders are the only item that I need to manually backup and restore.