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Re: Fwd: You removed Weboob package over pollitical reasons?Whole Internet laughs at you

On 12/24/18 6:43 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
On Tue, Dec 25, 2018 at 7:56 Miles Fidelman <mfidelman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Not for nothing...

Please don’t top post.

Yeah, whatever.  Grammar nazi.

but I'd never heard of weboob before.  Looks like a
rather powerful set of functions.  All the controversy has probably
provided some much needed visibility.

Personally, I don't care about the packaging - I tend to find that
packagers tend to just muck things up.  For anything except the most
common stuff, I'll always stick with >make;make install

In that case, why use Debian? The packaging (and the policies to support and govern it) are what makes Debian, Debian. Might as well use LFS if you’re going to make ; make install everything anyway.

Apt is well and good, and makes it easy enough to install all the basic packages on a new server.  After that, I've found that serious things, like databases, list managers - are generally well behind, and often don't build right. 

Frankly, ever since systemd, I've been planning on migrating our production servers to BSD - just not a high enough priority.  Debian has basically turned to garbage.

(Not that make ; make install is in any way evil; it’s great when it’s needed, it’s just not needed very much by users in Debian)

In your opinion.  Not in my experience.

With apologies to Miles for previously accidentally replying to him directly instead of replying only on-list...



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