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Re: You removed Weboob package over political reasons? Whole Internet laughs at you

On Mon, Dec 24, 2018, 05:20 Ivan Ivanov <qmastery16@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>500 comments at Slashdot, >200 at Phoronix and >1000 at linux org ru! See now?
When a technical project starts making their decisions over political reasons...
rather than technical, it is doomed. Good time to switch to a similar distro....
with mentally sane leadership, like Devuan. Also what's good about Devuan :

Devuan does not use SystemDick as its' init system! SystemD contains >1 million
lines of bloated code and lots of vulnerabilities have been found there and
countless haven't, also the SystemD creators are arrogant and refuse to fix many
discovered security vulnerabilities, to a point where they've been awarded a
" Pwnie award " for refusing to fix a critical vuln.

That is why I prefer the distros which are using something else as init system:
either good old SysV, or something more modern like OpenRC (at Artix Linux) or
runit (at Void Linux) , just not systemd! There are only a few such distros left
because of Redhat pressure, and luckily Devuan is one of them.
If you found Debian as useful before it went nuts then maybe you'd like Devuan,
or even some other distros that I mentioned: Artix Linux =Arch with a human face
(has GUI + everything configured by default, nice GUI package manager and
convenient to use even for the beginners), and Void Linux -amazingly fast distro
really suitable for old PCs, but lacks some packages so you'd need to compile
the things from source once in a while, in comparison Artix has almost the same
set of packages as Arch. Both Artix and Void are very stable despite their
packages are really new and they are among the first to get new Linux kernels
with fresh drivers.

Or maybe MX Linux, one of the top popularity distros nowadays which is
also "no systemd" and somehow only recently I learned about it

Best regards,
Ivan Ivanov,
open source firmware developer

How ridiculous that some pathetic questionable would spend their precious time on Earth censoring package names which contain the character string "boob".