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Re: Question on dpkg -l output.

Indeed some are virtual or pure virtual (although i dont know the diff)

But also there are packages like 'ergo' which look normal
and the only relation i think found (reason to display it) is because
libstd++6 depends on it.

Also listed packages like 'wink' not in the repos any more.

On 22/12/18 2:18 π.μ., Oliver Schoede wrote:
On Sat, 22 Dec 2018 01:10:34 +0200
aprekates <aprekates@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In my case both:

$ dpkg -l w*


$ dpkg -l 'w*'

will report the same list


I'm getting the same sort of output and it seems to me these are
packages, dpkg knows about providing some virtual packages,
that something else on your system depends upon, but which is already
satisfied in other ways. This would for instance
explain why I see w3m and chromium, although having had neither
installed at any time: both provide www-browser, and
something I have depends on it.