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Re: issues with stretch, part 1 of many

Ionel Mugurel Ciobîcă, on 2018-11-30 :
> On 27-11-2018, at 13h 33'55", Ionel Mugurel Ciobîcă wrote about "issues with stretch, part 1 of many"
> > The first question I want to ask relates to ssh, ssh-ask and
> > ssh-agent. When I ssh to another computer I am asked "Allow use of key
> > id_rsa? Key fingerprint ..." [...]
> Thank you, Étienne. I am aware of all that. I talk here about the
> differences between stretch and all previous Debian releases.  All
> works well before stretch.

Good Day Ionel,

I haven't checked in Debian 8 how the thing behaves, but it
sounds like a change of default value in a configuration option.
More specifically, I have come to find this entry in ssh_config
manual which looks like affecting most entities you mentioned in
your initial email.

>    AddKeysToAgent
>            Specifies whether keys should be automatically
>            added to a running ssh-agent(1).  If this option
>            is set to yes and a key is loaded from a file, the
>            key and its passphrase are added to the agent with
>            the default lifetime, as if by ssh-add(1).  If
>            this option is set to ask, ssh(1) will require
>            confirmation using the SSH_ASKPASS program before
>            adding a key (see ssh-add(1) for details).  If
>            this option is set to confirm, each use of the key
>            must be confirmed, as if the -c option was speci‐
>            fied to ssh-add(1).  If this option is set to no,
>            no keys are added to the agent.  The argument must
>            be yes, confirm, ask, or no (the default).

I wonder if setting this in you ssh_config file would help
bringing back the behaviour you expect:

	AddKeysToAgent yes

Kind Regards,
Étienne Mollier <etienne.mollier@xxxxxxxxxx>