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Re: issues with stretch, part 1 of many

On 27-11-2018, at 13h 33'55", Ionel Mugurel Ciobîcă wrote about "issues with stretch, part 1 of many"
> Dear all,
> I have many issues with stretch which I cannot figure it out. I will
> post one at the time, to keep it clear and simple.
> I use Debian since 1997. I never had an issue with any release, except
> stretch. I installed fresh using net install disk. The install went OK
> (except I was forced to chose a wrong timezone (I was not asked about
> the continent), but that I fix after installation).
> The first question I want to ask relates to ssh, ssh-ask and
> ssh-agent. When I ssh to another computer I am asked "Allow use of key
> id_rsa? Key fingerprint ..." [...]

Thank you, Étienne. I am aware of all that. I talk here about the
differences between stretch and all previous Debian releases. All
works well before stretch.

Thank you, Michael, for sharing that. Next time I will be in front of
that desktop I will see if I can adapt it to tcsh.

So, nobody knows, who and why it was introduced "will confirm each
use" and the "Allow use of key"?... And most important how to avoid
it or by pass it?

Thank you.