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[SOLVED] Re: Buster: Kvirc: Bug 908420: Am I the only one who's having this issue?

Nov 29, 2018, 3:52 PM by etienne.mollier@xxxxxxxxxx:

> I'm not a user of Kvirc myself, sticking to irssi.  However, out
> of curiosity, I installed kvirc in a fully fledged KDE
> environment (package task-kde-desktop) to see if I could
> reproduce the problem.  And I believe I've been able to pinpoint
> something.
> It would seem that there is a trap with the naming convention of
> the configuration *file* ~/.config/kvirc and the configuration
> *directory* called ~/.config/KVIrc.  I've got both of these at
> the end of a clean install, and after the first pass of the
> wizard:
>  ~/.config/KVIrc/
>  ~/.config/kvirc


> Currently, is your ~/.config/kvirc a file or a directory storing
> your configuration ?
> If that is a directory storing your configuration, what happens
> if you rename it as, say, ~/.config/KVIrc and try to load this
> one configuration directory instead?

I actually noticed it too and tried the trick with renaming directories before I filed the bug, it did not work for me. Now trying different things I found the winning combination I think that solves the issue:

1. Rename "old" ~/.config/kvirc into ~/.config/KVIrc
2. Create ~/.config/kvirc file (file, not folder) as follows:

$ ls -l ~/.config/kvirc
-rw------- 1 luser luser 76 Nov 29 17:34 /home/luser/.config/kvirc

$ cat ~/.config/kvirc

The above solves the issue for me. The bug stands though as something really does not work right in the setup wizard.

Thanks for your help.