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Re: Interphone with SIP-Protocol


Am DATE hackte AUTHOR in die Tasten: Dan Ritter
> By "Interphone", do you mean a local voice and/or video system
> that doesn't connect to the general Internet?

By Interphone I mean the door phone.

I think, "Interphone" is used in french
and in german it is called "Türsprechanlage".

But I like the idea of using the SIP Protocol, because I can redirect
the doorphone to any places of this planet.  Even if I am not at home,
I can see people ringing ar the door

> As for your environmental requirements: does it have to operate
> at -40, or just survive it for a few hours before warming back
> up? Very few electronic devices are guaranteed to work below 0C.

-40°C is very rare but it has to survive.

Normal estonian winter temperatures are between -15°C and -25°C.
So, the doorphone/interphone should work in this range.

> I would suggest building a small insulated box to hold your
> electronics, along with an incandescent lightbulb to provide
> both light and heat.
> For general voice use, I like the Polycom IP3xx series. Their
> video phones, however, are either very expensive or else consist
> of a voice phone with a USB camera glued to the top.

unfortunately not what I want/need

Thanks in advance

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