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Re: Interphone with SIP-Protocol

On Thu 29 Nov 2018 at 05:48:03 (-0500), Dan Ritter wrote:
> As for your environmental requirements: does it have to operate
> at -40, or just survive it for a few hours before warming back
> up? Very few electronic devices are guaranteed to work below 0C.
> I would suggest building a small insulated box to hold your
> electronics, along with an incandescent lightbulb to provide
> both light and heat. 

Polystyrene boxes are cheap and widely available. You could even
afford to nest them.

I'd grossly underrun any light bulbs so you don't have failures, and
I'd be tempted to use bulbs with blade-type connectors, perhaps
smeared with silicone grease so they don't corrode.