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Re: Interphone with SIP-Protocol

Michelle Konzack wrote: 
> Because my Portal is in a distance of 60m from the Serverbunker and I do
> not like to install a seperated earth cable, I am now searching for an
> IP/SIP based Interphone.  Best would be with Video.
> Has someone experience with it and can suggest me a product?
> Note 1: We have currently -10°C on the Farm and it can go down
>         until -30°C (some years ago it was for one day -39°C),
>         which increase the requirements on the Interphone.
> Note 2: In 2017/2018 i used a Banana PI at a Sidele Interphone,
>         but the BPI gaved up at -5°C and the Siedele at -20°C.

By "Interphone", do you mean a local voice and/or video system 
that doesn't connect to the general Internet?

As for your environmental requirements: does it have to operate
at -40, or just survive it for a few hours before warming back
up? Very few electronic devices are guaranteed to work below 0C.

I would suggest building a small insulated box to hold your
electronics, along with an incandescent lightbulb to provide
both light and heat. 

For general voice use, I like the Polycom IP3xx series. Their
video phones, however, are either very expensive or else consist
of a voice phone with a USB camera glued to the top.