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Re: Interphone with SIP-Protocol


Am 2018-11-29 hackte Ben Oliver in die Tasten:
> On 18-11-29 10:27:49, Michelle Konzack wrote:
>>Note 1: We have currently -10°C on the Farm and it can go down
>>        until -30°C (some years ago it was for one day -39°C),
>>        which increase the requirements on the Interphone.
> Quite an interesting issue. I would probably go down the route of a
> 'tough' Android phone with a SIP app like linphone.
> I have used 'runbo' phones before and they were good. Not sure about
> the
> temperature specs though.
> Just an alternative idea for you to think about.

I do not think, it is a good idea to have such tough outdoor phone
for several 100? outside alone only 2 car hours away from the
russian border...

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