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Re: Re: does anyone know how to calm down 'tracker-store'?


On the server :

1. impossible to remove the tracker package unless to remove other ones:

dpkg: dependency problems prevent removal of tracker:
 tracker-miner-fs depends on tracker (>= 2.1.0).
 tracker-extract depends on tracker (>= 2.1.0).
 rygel-tracker depends on tracker (>= 0.8).
 nautilus depends on tracker.
 gnome-photos depends on tracker.
 gnome-music depends on tracker (>= 2.0).
 gnome-documents depends on tracker (>= 1.99).
 gnome-core depends on tracker; however:
  Package tracker is to be removed.
 gnome-boxes depends on tracker (>= 2.0).

dpkg: error processing package tracker (--purge):
 dependency problems - not removing
Errors were encountered while processing:

2. I was trying to find a way to do it globally and 'silently' without asking
all the users to do in their session a set of 'systemctl' commands that they
never heard about. ;-)
Finally I have renamed the binary so at least to stop the log invasion.

3. For the laptop, I will try to chase the bug and install the debugging symbols
but for which packages precisely is not clear to me. I will start with the
gstreamer ones then.