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Re: lpic certification courses

john doe wrote: 
> On 11/28/2018 12:12 PM, Dan Ritter wrote:
> > 
> > When I hire a junior sysadmin, if I can't get relevant employment
> > experience, I look for an ability to explain their home system(s) and
> > detail it enthusiastically ...
> > 
> Out of curiosity, what would it take for a home system(s) to be
> considered as being sufficient?

It's not what it is*, it's what the person knows about it and can explain,
on the spot, demonstrating their existing depth of knowledge and their
ability to communicate that.

One should be able to sketch a diagram of your house network out to the
ISP; talk about your choices for routing, switching, and firewalling;
discuss hardware choices (presumably on a small budget, so there should
be a keen awareness of price/performance and tradeoffs); explain DNS
and any services run, both internally and externally. What would you
change if you had to do it over? What's the most important change you
would want to make on a small budget? On a large budget?

I expect a junior sysadmin to tackle new projects starting by defining
requirements, researching options, evaluating tradeoffs, and establishing
success criteria. The step from master of your home to servant of a
working group starts with realizing that the job is about handling other
people's needs.


* I can tell you what would be insufficient, though: if everything you
have or do is aimed purely at being an end-user, that's not an indication
that you want to herd systems. Show the hacker spirit.