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Re: lpic certification courses

mj wrote: 
> So I decided to LPIC certify myself, and after some googling, I ended up
> doing the ucertify courses, purchased via lpimarketplace.

In general, certifications aren't worth much.

Notable exceptions:

- when you have neither formal education nor work experience, a
  certfication is better than nothing. 

- if a particular prospective employer requires it *and* you are likely to
  get the job with the certification

- if your current employer commits to paying for it, either in
  reimbursement or (preferred) in an automatic pay rise

- CCIE (cisco), JNCIE (Juniper), RHCE (Red Hat) are moderately
  respectable in their own right.

I manage systems administrators and network engineers. I've never made a
decision based on a certificate. I weigh the three certs above as being
slightly positive, and all others as being distractions.

When I hire a junior sysadmin, if I can't get relevant employment
experience, I look for an ability to explain their home system(s) and
detail it enthusiastically and clearly. An ability to do minor programming
(shell plus an interpreted language, Python or Perl or Ruby or...) is
a good indicator.

Good luck to you,