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lpic certification courses

Hi all,

So I decided to LPIC certify myself, and after some googling, I ended up doing the ucertify courses, purchased via lpimarketplace.

I started the first (mandatory) LPIC course "Linux Essentials", but immediately became a bit frustrated with the ucertify training, and would like to ask here for alternative course recommendations, if any.

Reason of my frustration are questions/answers like this:
Q: "Please name the other user interface, besides the command line, which requires more system resources".

My (free text) answer: "GUI".

Wrong. No abbreviations. Ok, then the same question came up again, this time I answered: "graphical user interface". Wrong again! Correct answer being: "Graphical User Interface". :-(

Another example: A question on determining the ip/mac/broadcast of an nic, I used the "ip" command. Also wrong, as they preferred "ifconfig".

Ok, so now I have to either spend time learing the commands and spelling they prefer to see, or find better online courses.

I guess many have have taken the LPIC examinations... Are their exams as strict as ucertify, counting for example capitalisation wrong?

Any tips for other good online lpic prep courses..?