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Re: stretch update overwrites nano file

On 28/11/18 12:07 AM, Bonno Bloksma wrote:

> Tixy quoted from nanorc(5):
>>   During startup, nano will first read the system-wide settings, from
>>  /etc/nanorc (the exact path might be different), and then the user-
>>  specific settings, from ~/.nanorc.
>> So, the correct file to customise nano settings is either of those two files.
> Yup, I simply put my default.nanorc file back into the /usr/share/nano dir. I want it to be a system wide default as the current default is "a bit sparse" ;-)

Why not put it at /etc/nanorc? The Debian package ships it (it's there
on my system), and expects it to be edited (it's entirely full of
comments). That's what it's there for.

/usr/share/nano appears to be for basic defaults that can be overridden
either at the system or the user level.


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