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RE: stretch update overwrites nano file


>>>> with timestamp Jul 16 2014 are gone and my default.nanorc file of 
>>>> a later date is gone as well.
>>>> There are now around 40 files with timestamp Jan 11 2017.
>> As you say, anything in /usr/share/ is under the control of the 
>> packaging system and in, this case, "my default.nanorc" is not the 
>> user's default.nanorc but the system's. It can do what it wants with 
>> it. There is no bug here.
>> Correct. Why should there be any warning when the packaging system is 
>> only doing what it is designed to do? A user would alter nano's 
>> behaviour in $HOME.

> For the OP who probably isn't reading the list... The man pages for nano (command "man nano") says at end "See Also nanorc", and "man nanorc" says:
I do read this list ;-)

>   During startup, nano will first read the system-wide settings, from
>  /etc/nanorc (the exact path might be different), and then the user-
>  specific settings, from ~/.nanorc.
> So, the correct file to customise nano settings is either of those two files.

Yup, I simply put my default.nanorc file back into the /usr/share/nano dir. I want it to be a system wide default as the current default is "a bit sparse" ;-)
I now better understand the logic why my default file got replaced. Still it would have been better if there was some kind of warning but I understand the logic and I can live with it. :-)
Thanks for the explanation

Bonno Bloksma