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[SOLVED]: openvpn over ipv6 /65

On 27/11/2018 15:03, Reco wrote:

> In conclusion, your current NAT66 setup is probably the best you can
> achieve without a risk to your VPS or your sanity ;)
OK Reco, that's great. I'm announcing a valid IPv6 address, so it's
achieving its objective. I can route traffic from any of my IOT boxes
over IPv6 to any other box. I can include a marker in any message to
indicate its origin. I can then communicate with them via their native
IPv6 addresses. I don't think I can want for any more, so I've marked
this as [SOLVED].

My next task is to write this all up, and try to understand what we've
been doing.

Thanks a million for your assistance, without which I'd still be

Cheers, Tony.