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issues with stretch, issue 2 from many

Dear all,

I have issues with stretch, to many to count...
This one will focus on the window manager startup.

I did a fresh install of Debian stretch using net install disk.
I use Debian (and Linux) from 1997. In all this time I used fvwm2 as
windows manager. I also used Unix in 1995-1996 with fvwm2.

So after the installation, I edit the file $HOME/.xsession
and I added as last line fvwm2. I also made the x-window-manager point
to fvwm2. When I login the .xsession is not read, like it was done
before for older releases, but fvwm is started. After many
permutations I found out that if I rename the .xsession into
.xsessionrc then the file is read, but then the fvwm is started twice,
one after each other. In other words after I exit fvwm it will enter
again in fvwm, but the second time without the ssh-agent and other

Question 2.1: Why .xsession is not read and .xsessionrc is read?
Question 2.2: Who starts the second call of fvwm? If I comment out the
fvwm call in .xsession(rc) then the fvwm doesn't use the ssh-agent
(for example). At the moment I simply deleted x-window-manager, so
when I logout from fvwm I get a error/warning instead of a new fvwm

I tried both kdm and xdm as display managers. It will make no
difference. I use fvwm 2.6.7. I have Linux 4.9.0-8-amd64.

I would appreciate any hint.

Thank you.

Kind regards,