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Re: Looking for a "friendly" e-mail service

On Mon, 26 Nov 2018 09:37:21 -0500
Mark Neidorff <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> Now, I don't like the webmail interfaces and the limited storage for old 

Limited storage? Who - big or small player - offers unlimited storage
for old emails?

> emails that the big players (gmail, yahoo,etc) use.  I like to download and 
> process the email locally using either kmail or thunderbird (doesn't matter 
> which to me.  I have experience with both.)
> If you know of an e-mail service that allows me  POP3 and SMTP connections, 
> would you please post it in a reply.

My impression is that pretty much any serious email provider - free or
paid - offers POP3 and SMTP access. Gmail, Yahoo, GMX, and Zoho all do.

I use the latter two for most of my serious mail.