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Re: Looking for a "friendly" e-mail service

debian-user writes:
> Here, down under, that's the norm - I've never heard of an ISP which
> so despises the 'S' that there's no mail. We generally have a choice
> of IMAP or POP3. (I have fetchmail set to use the latter.)

They just about always offer email service but it can be pretty
bad. You're lucky to have a network guy you can actually communicate

> I've had to use my ISP's GUI utility to relax their spam filtering,
> else I miss out on even notices of specials from the vendors I deal
> with.

I use Spamassassin.  It learns what *I* consider spam.  I also use
Mailagent to (among other things) send everything from certain domains
to the bit bucket.  Newsguy takes care of greylisting, of course.
John Hasler 
Elmwood, WI USA