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Re: Looking for a "friendly" e-mail service

On 26.11.18 17:13, Gene Heskett wrote:
> Get on the horn and ask your isp if they run a mailserver. Mine does, and 
> I use it, but when I first started, I had to call their network guy and 
> have him whitelist all the mailing lists I an on.

Here, down under, that's the norm - I've never heard of an ISP which so
despises the 'S' that there's no mail. We generally have a choice of
IMAP or POP3. (I have fetchmail set to use the latter.)

> Other than that, it just works, and I'm only getting perhaps .01% of the 
> spam I was getting thru a qmail server I used previously as an ex 
> employee.

Ditto. I've had to use my ISP's GUI utility to relax their spam
filtering, else I miss out on even notices of specials from the vendors
I deal with. The few unwanted which then also sneak in are just diverted
with an additional procmail recipe, as that utility is already in place
for distributing list mail to individual mailboxes. (Saves learning
yet another app when not really needed.)