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Re: Still unable to restart networking on Debian 9 text mode only

On 2018-11-26 7:57 a.m., Luciano Andress Martini wrote:
Good morning Rob,
Your message is what i am expecting to receive...

Please don't judge me if you are a dedicated developer of Debian. I
love and I am using it since the first versions, but I never come to
this list because I am not welcome in groups in my life, and will be
no different here. And i promisse I you get out from here the faster
as I can, I just can't believe what you are doing to Debian...

In older Debian versions, I am able to just do this:
#vi /etc/network/interfaces
#at 20:00
ifdown eth0
sleep 10
ifup eth0

Debian must have a option during the installation a option like
"Legacy mode"  that install sysvinit, net-tools, and etc this will
make everyone here happy.

Best regards and thank you for freely supporting me.
Now, im just gone.

sysvinit is going the way of the dodo. I have nothing against it personally but some things deserve a dignified retirement. Being able to configure things with a few declarative files and standard commands is simply a better way to run an operating system.

Your example suggests that you want to change the ip address "after hours". You can still do the same thing pretty much the same way. If you are using the interfaces file, I don't see why your example won't work as is.

In my case, I can simply change the ip address in /etc/systemd/network/Management.network then instead of all the commands you want to run, just do systemctl restart systemd-networkd. Again, you can put that into an ad hoc script to run with "at" if you want.