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Re: Looking for a "friendly" e-mail service


On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 09:55:17AM -0500, The Wanderer wrote:
> On 2018-11-26 at 09:37, Mark Neidorff wrote:
> > If you know of an e-mail service that allows me  POP3 and SMTP
> > connections, would you please post it in a reply.
> I use Fastmail, which supported both (as well as IMAP) last time I
> checked, and I've been a quite satisfied customer of theirs - with
> Thunderbird as my E-mail client - for quite some years now.

I would second Fastmail. I run my own email but doing so for family
and friends got too complicated so I've slowly been moving them to
Fastmail where they didn't want to sort it out themselves.
Admittedly all of them use the web interface, but if Fastmail has
POP and IMAP then I trust it to be as good as the rest of their

But OP says they want SMTP - does that mean relaying out through the
provider, or having the provider relay inbound email to your
servers? I'm not aware that Fastmail does that.


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